Are you sleeping well at night? Chances are that you could be getting a more restorative sleep with a few tips, tactics and tweaks. Here are 10 tips to sleep like a baby.

Replace Your Mattress

It is recommended that you replace your mattress every five-to-seven years, though some high-end mattresses will last up to ten years. While you are at it, you should also replace your pillows every year.
A recent study showed that individuals who replaced their mattress, pillows and bedding every five years slept better and experienced less back pain.

Add a Topper

Just replaced your mattress? Maybe the bed is a bit firm; invest in a topper for your bed instead. These will create a luxurious, soft feeling when you sink into your bed at night.

Clear the Clutter
Sometimes it is hard to go to sleep because of the visual distractions in your bedroom. Do yourself a favor, and get rid of clutter, storage and overflow from the rest of your home. This will help you shut-down and go to sleep.

Stick to Sleep
Make sleeping the primary purpose of your bedroom instead of work, playing video games, studying or other activities that may change the atmosphere of your space. At the very least, don't do these things in your bed, but sit in a chair that you position elsewhere in your room.

Make Some Mist
Make your own pillow-mist to induce sleep. Use equal parts rubbing alcohol and distilled water in a spray-style bottle. Then add ten or twelve drops of essential oil (lavender is great for inducing sleep) to the mixture and shake well. Spritz a couple times on your pillows to help lull you to sleep.

Reduce the Allergens
Buy natural, allergen-free pillows and bedding. Look for organic cotton or bamboo linens that are as soft as silk, but easy to care for. Make sure to wash them in a detergent that is free from strong perfumes or chemicals.

Make Some Noise
If you wake up every time you hear a noise, make sure that you have some white noise in your bedroom. This could be a fan, music or even a television, but a sound-machine is a great way to drown out distractions and noises while enjoying the gentle sounds of nature.

Invest in a Mister
Another prudent bedroom investment is an aromatherapy mister; these are amazing! Use yours to gently waft lavender, eucalyptus, cinnamon or mint essential oil through your bedroom, creating a soothing and relaxing environment for sleeping.

Evaluate Your Lighting
Install dimmers on your ambient lights to have some control over the lighting in your bedroom. Consider switching to warm-white or cool-white bulbs, depending on your preference, to further create a serene and soothing space that is conducive to restful sleep.

Practice Feng Shui
According to Feng Shui design theory, people are susceptible to the energies that they are exposed to. If you are feeling comfortable and secure, sleep will come easier and be more restorative. 

The bedroom is a critical space in Feng Shui, as it is believed to be most impacted by the positioning and elements than any other room of the house.

Never place your bed facing the door to your room. Instead, aim for it to be diagonally positioned to the left or right of the entrance to your bedroom.

Take these ten tips, tactics and tweaks into consideration when you want to sleep better. Improving your quality of rest can result in having more energy, fewer pains and increased focus all day. Visit Mattress Warehouse Clearance Outlet to find the right bed and begin getting the best sleep of your life!